Welcome to Otology Class

The previous editions of the Otology Class for young ENT’s were held in Amsterdam (2014), Madrid (2015), Antwerp (2017) and Parma (2018), the 5th edition of Otology Class will be held in Lisbon, Portugal!
The purpose of this course is to offer young ENT-doctors thorough education about the principles in otology on an international level, close to home and affordable in price. The main goal is to discuss a variety of otologic topics in a friendly and interactive setting.




A lot of essential otologic topics will be discussed in an interactive setting. The emphasis of this course will be on the right otologic diagnostic work-up as well as decision making regarding indications and contraindications for surgery.


Bring your cases


All attendants will have the opportunity to bring those cases that have been or are challenging for them.  An expert faculty will discuss the options available.  This should preferably be send in advance.


The official language of the course will be English. The course will be accredited with Portugese ECM credits.